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The American Society of Anesthesiologists’ (ASA) statement on the practice of Anesthesiology:

“Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine including, but not limited to, preoperative patient evaluation, anesthetic planning, intraoperative and postoperative care and the management of systems and personnel that support these activities. In addition, anesthesiology includes perioperative consultation, the management of coexisting disease, the prevention and management of untoward perioperative patient conditions, the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and the practice of critical care medicine. This care is personally provided by or directed by the anesthesiologist. In the interests of patient safety and quality of care, the American Society of Anesthesiologists believes that the involvement of an anesthesiologist in the perioperative care of every surgical patient is necessary. Almost all anesthesia care is either provided personally by an anesthesiologist or is provided by a non-physician anesthesia practitioner directed by an anesthesiologist. The latter mode of anesthesia delivery is called the Anesthesia Care Team and involves the delegation of monitoring and appropriate tasks by the physician to non-physicians. Such delegation should be specifically defined by the anesthesiologist and should also be consistent with state law or regulations and medical staff policy. Although selected tasks of overall anesthesia care may be delegated to qualified members of the Anesthesia Care Team, overall responsibility for the Anesthesia Care Team and patients’ safety ultimately rests with the anesthesiologist.”

Carroll County Anesthesia Associates attempts to embody all of the statements put forth by the ASA. We practice modern anesthesiology and provide safe and efficient anesthetic care to all of Carroll Hospital Center’s surgical patients. We offer expert pre-operative evaluation, safe intra-operative care and excellent post-operative pain control with the use of advanced anesthetic techniques.

As a patient presenting for surgical care at Carroll Hospital Center, you are assured exceptionally qualified physicians who have dedicated themselves to the highest standards in anesthesia, pain management and critical care. Our physicians utilize the latest technology and most advanced techniques with proven track records of patient safety and patient satisfaction.



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